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Submitted on
December 31, 2012
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R e f r a i n

Pairing: Romano x Reader
Warning: Language. Really colourful language. what do you expect it's Romano


"Do you have a wish?"

Long, long ago….


There was a pandora box….

"Shall we grant 5 wishes? No exceptions~"

That nobody knew about….

"I… want to be like her."

Until now.


You sat down on one of the dining room's wooden chair, munching on a buttered toast in your mouth and a cup of light coffee on your right hand. Your school uniform was slight disorganized and the suspenders of your red plaited summer uniform slipping down slightly off your shoulders. The television was spitting out information that you didn't care about and you doze off slowly, drooping your head slightly.

"Wake up sleepy-head. You don't wanna be late for school!" Your mother strictly warned, tapping the edge of the spatula she was going to use for cooking on top of your head. You sat up straightly in surprise, jerking the blue cup on your hands, almost spilling its contents onto your white shirt that was covered by the corset like red dress with the suspenders. You quickly chugged the coffee down, and stared at the clock in the wall, watching the long hand strike '12' and the doorbell rang on time. You placed the dirty plate and mug down by the sink and walked to the living where you picked up of your (f/c) backpack and left the room to go to school.

"Good morning. I report to you, today's weather forecast. Today, there are warnings of imitations in some areas. Please be careful." The reporter went on but sadly, you didn't care and simply turned the television off with the remote in one fluid motion.

"Good morning~" you greeted the early visitors, waving your hands gracefully after you yelled out a loud 'Bye mom! I'm going!' and closing the door behind you. The two brunettes smiled in their own weird but unique way. One was smiling widely and waving his hands overly excited with his trademark 'vee~' and the older one was waving timidly with a ghost of a smile in his lips. You rolled your eyes and walked by the pavement of the road, the older brunette on your right, holding your hand tightly and the younger of the two on your left, 'vee'-ing tat the stray white cat that walked across the street.

"How's your morning Lovino?" you asked your dear tsundere boyfriend, craning your head towards him. Lovino, who was almost half a feet taller than you, looked down with an irritable expression and a pout present on his face. You resisted the urge to glomp him on the road, and gripped your backpack straps tighter, trying really hard not to squeal your heart out.

"As usual, tomato bastard barged in to the house and just proceeded to ramble about his precious pomodoro while I was half sleeping in the bed. Then stupid fratello slammed the god damn door open and shoved a freaking bowl of pasta right in front of my face. That is until he tripped over in the fucking flat floor and the pasta was all over me. Next, while I was getting out of the shower after the freaking pasta incident, tomato bastard once again hugged me tightly, probably almost making me die out of air. After I head butted him hard on his stomach, he let go of me and left with the potato bastard's cocky brother and the French pervert. All as well the normal morning of an Italian like me. God fucking dammit." He ranted on and on and you couldn't help but feel bad for him.

"I'm sure today will be better Lovi. Just wait and see," you replied kindly, nodding your head in understandment and attention. He was about to complain about you calling him 'Lovi' but you intertwined your hands into his and he stopped talking for a moment, a rapid fire blush spreading on his cheeks. You smiled innocently and trudge along the empty road with the two Vargas brothers.

"God. Sometimes I think you're the only one that's keeping me sane (Name)." he confessed, pulling you into a quick awkward hug before releasing you and walking normally as if nothing happened. This time it was your turn to blush deep scarlet and became speechless.

"Vee~ What's wrong (Name)? Why are you so red? Are you having a fever?" the ever-so oblivious Feliciano asked you, his head tilting sideways as he saw you turn away, trying to wash away the red tints in your cheek. Lovino chuckled a little bit and promised to himself to be more positive about what life has in store for him. Just for (Name).


You entered the busy classroom, with the two Italian brothers in a tow. Your classmates gave the three of you a quick glance before turning away and returning to what they were originally doing. You walked over to your row and sat down on the chair at the edge of the room, the window on the left and Lovino, on your right hand side. You quietly observe the room, watching your friends crowding around another classmate's chair. Your interest soon grew into an uncountable amount as you rose from your seat and strolled casually into the growing crowd.

"OMG, Rosaline! You look great with your new hair!" Your Hungarian friend, Elizabetha, cooed, practically swooning over Rosaline. She had apparently dyed her usual nice shade of short dirty blonde hair with dark red streaks covered with a hat into (h/l) (h/c) but tied into an attractive french braid and wore contacts that were just a shimmering shade of (e/c). Just like yours.

"I didn't know you would look so good with the new hair and eye colour. Where did you buy the contacts? Maybe I wannna get a blue one!" your other classmate, Bella from Belgium, asked with high excitement, her mouth curled into like a cat's. You swiftly deemed the situation as boring and quickly sat back down next to Lovino, who was staring at you. Or your ass. Or maybe both.

"What's wrong with them?" He asked with a monotone voice, his eyes gesturing to the crowd you just visited.

"Oh, just Rosaline dying her hair into (h/c) and wearing (e/c) contacts. No biggie." You answered with a shrug.

"Hmm… Sounds like she's trying to imitate you." He mumbled, his honey amber eyes drilling into your (e/c) orbs. You frowned at his mean remark about your innocent classmate.

"Of course she's not copying me Lovino. I mean my hair is in (hairstyle) while her hair is in a French braid. And you know I don't dress up that girly. Besides, the new hair and eye colour suits her more than me. Mine is just a dull shade of (e/c) eyes and boring lifeless (h/c) hair while her eyes look so full of life and her hair is shining so brightly in the sun. How can you compare someone as boring as me to her." You pointed out, resting your chin onto your hands. You could see from the corner of your eyes that Lovino was full blown frowning at you.

"Come on now bella. You know that you're not ugly…" Lovino tried to pull you out of the depression corner as he strived to calm you down and shower you with very heart-warming complements. You looked over to his side and smiled softly as the two of you exchange silent gazes for a long time. From other people's perspective, it would look as if the two of you were having a staring contest but you knew that this is how Lovi shows his affections to you. Sure he wasn't really the touchy type of person in the relationship and you appreciated that because you went into a relationship with Lovino not because of other things but because you love him dearly and so does he.

As you gazed more and more into his beautiful shade of amber orbs lovingly and he got lost in the sea of (e/c) also knows as your eyes, the evil intentions of a certain person still lingers, growing evermore in jealousy. And it was just the interruption of fate that the two of you didn't realize it.


"Why didn't it work…."

"Perhaps you aren't working hard enough? Ufufufufufufu"

"Then what am I supposed to do?"

"Now, now. How about YOU tell me your next wish~"


It was a sunny Sunday morning. The birds were chirping loudly, perching on the thick branches of the oak tree on your backyard and singing their wondrous cheerful song. And it seemed that the wind was quite playful that day, blowing a nice cool breeze outside, making the blazing sun more bearable to the people strolling or just enjoying the nice day.

Meanwhile on a beautiful day like this, you took another germ-free tissue sneezing into it and a rough cough following the sneeze immediately. As the burning sensation on your dry throat calmed down, you stared at your phone warily, feeling bad that you had to cancel that day's date with Lovino.

~Flash Back~

"H-hey Lovi?" you called out to the Italian on the other line of your phone. You heard a few not so quiet rustles from Lovi's side before a loud thump rang through the line. You stifled a loud weird giggle due to your sickness and waited.

"Yeah? Sorry, I bumped onto the damn table. Fuck, it hurts." Lovino hastily replied, rubbing throbbing knee that had hit the sharp edge of the table, forcing him to withstand loud curses that might upset (Name). He could hear a soft laugh which sounded weird from the usual light laughter from his girlfriend and he couldn't help but turn a bit red even though (Name) couldn't see him. And his half-naked state because of the morning siesta he took before the scheduled date that afternoon didn't exactly improve the embarrassing situation.

"Ahaha— Sorry Lovi, I think we need to cancel this day's date. I don't feel really good today…" Your laughter ceased and you replaced it with a more serious tone, trying to seal the need to cough wildly. You knew how worried Lovino could be if he knows how badly sick you were and you didn't want to make him so worried that he would abandon everything he was doing and rush to your house, which was something he had done before when you told him you were down with a high fever last time. He was so worried he spent two nights at your humble house, taking care of you all night without any sleep. Yeah, he was just that worried and truthfully, it was really sweet for you.  

"Are you ok (Name)? You sound really sick…" was his reply. Lovino was now pacing around his room, not caring that he was shirtless clad with only his tomato printed boxers. All that matters right then was his sick girlfriend and only you. You let out a coughing fit right then and Lovino could feel him feeling himself getting tenser every second he spent being in his large bedroom and not by your side.

"Y-yeah, I'm fine. It's not that bad. I'll make up the date next time…" you sneezed loudly and had to retrieve another clean tissue as Lovino's concern just grew overtime. You could hear the drawers being opened by him, maybe to get a clean T-shirt you thought, and the sturdy door of his bedroom being slammed closed.

"I'm going to your house ok. Just wait." He mumbled, fumbling with his house keys to lock the entrance since his brother, Feliciano had been going out to the mall or something for the whole day with his German fried, Ludwig Beildschimdt, who he had dubbed as Potato Bastard and his Japanese friend, Kiku Honda.

"Hnn, yeah…" you croaked weakly, your throat burning really bad from the latest coughing fit and your nose really stuffy. You laid down on your bed once more with the phone still in your right hand and your left hand shielding your eyes from the burning light of the lamp hanging on the ceiling.

"Ok. See you soon. Don't move an inch bella."

~End of Flash Back~


The shopping district was crowded. There was no doubt in that as Lovino tried to slip past through the countless amount of people that had stood in the middle of the road, doing whatever things that he didn't and couldn't care of. As he stopped in front of the red light, he looked around his surroundings and his gaze stopped at the lively floral shop with the kind owner of the store watering the flowers with a blue watering can in her hands.

"Excuse me? Can I have a bouquet of Daisies please?" Lovino asked, uncharacteristically kind to the old lady, who looked up to see the Italian from her spot in front of a vase of vibrant red roses. She nodded slightly and proceeded to scurry inside of the small shop swiftly. In less than a minute, she was already back out of the shop, holding a beautiful bouquet of fresh daisies and a few extra white Lily flowers, making the beautiful bouquet even more dazzling.

"Don't worry the Lily flowers are on the house." The lady answered with a wink, cutting off Lovino's gapping mouth full of questions. He grumbled a few Italian words under his breath before giving the cheerful owner with a few euros. As he rejected the change of money from the lady, he carried on to the intersection where he was before, the red light still unchanging. He began to shuffle his feet in boredom while staring at his phone's wallpaper, which was a picture of you and him, while waiting for the light to change into green.

He was then interrupted by an unknown number and his ringtone blaring loudly. After thinking to answer the suspicious call or not, he reluctantly pressed the green phone button and placed the phone next to his ear. "Hello?" he mumbled with no tone of excitement at all, his face slowly dropping into a slight frown tugging on his lips. The other person's end was slightly noisy with annoying weird sounds as Lovino continued to wait for the other's reply and reason for interrupting him on his way to your house.

"H-hello? Lovino?" a familiar female voice rang through and Lovino narrowed his eyes into slits with suspicion. He could hear pants from this female at the other line of the phone and he almost hung up on her until she suddenly spoke up again, "T-this is Rosaline, your classmate… You remember me right?"

"Oh that girl. Yeah, I do. May I ask how the hell do you know my private number from?" he growled out, his mood getting sour every passing second he spent talking with Rosaline, the bitch that is trying to copy you as he remembered faintly.

"(Name) forced you to give your number to me remember? 2 months ago I guess." She answered with a sickening sweet tone of dreaminess. Lovino had to hold himself from gagging from his place as she continued to tell the story from 2 months ago which he couldn't care less from. "I asked your number but you refused to so, (Name) told you to give it to me and to stop being so mean to the classmates and friends—"

"Gah! What do you want woman! I hope you didn't call me just to talk about that shit!" he half yelled sharply, effectively cutting her speech and earning weird glances from innocent bystanders as a small whimper could be heard from Rosaline's end.

"I-I'm sorry… It's just that… I'm in the shopping district at the center of town. You know with the awesome branded stores and stuff—"

"I don't care about that shit, so moving on. What's your damn point woman!?"

"S-sorry…I just think that I saw (Name) with Justin, you know the basketball captain from our class, hanging out in here. And when I mean hanging out, she has her hands looped with his… I don't want to be a relationship breaker but I just want to tell you that. Ok, bye." As the call was disconnected, Lovino couldn't help but to go check whether it's true or not, since he was also at the said shopping district anyways. Curiosity had seemed to overpower him this time while usually he would never let that troublesome feeling get to him.

'(Name) wouldn't cheat on me…right?'

Lovino turned on his heel and went back to the crowded shopping district with the age old antique shops littered in the side of the glass building. He roamed around from one end to the other, bumping to people frequently as he muttered out half-hearted apologies. He searched the ground floor full of branded stuffs that would cost him an arm and a leg to buy even one of those watches or necklaces and continued to survey the second floor where most stores sell clothes and accessories. As he reached the last floor he was already positive that Rosaline was feeding him white lies to get him to break up with (Name).

He remembered the moment when Rosaline confessed to him. It was already 1 year past the sweet, oh-so-sacred Valentine's Day when he rejected her too flamboyant confession. He remembered her pained face which turned into a revengeful one when he told her that he was dating you and the dangerous smirk she had when you had forced him to give his personal number to the poor girl like you had said to him with a stern gaze. He clenched his teeth in frustration as he couldn't believe himself for believing such an obvious lie and he vowed to yell at the said liar when he would be at school tomorrow.

As he was in the escalator, boringly gazing at the stuffy shopping district, a scene in front of him startles him so greatly and a fleeting thought races back to his mind.

'(Name) wouldn't cheat on me right?'

Yet, there you were, looking as healthy as ever, with no traces of being sick over the weekend and your hand nicely intertwined with the damned Justin, who was suddenly on Lovino's list of person he wanted to kill, kicking down many number of names down the list as Justin was suddenly number one. Had you lied when you said you were sick? So sick that it makes you unable to go on your date with him? Had you lied about your relationship with him? Has every 'I love you' and 'I love you too' that had came out of your pretty little mouth been simply a lie? Had every time that was spent of him thinking about you or your dazzling smile been lie? Was his life a big, fat but undeniable lie?

"Thanks for today Justin~" you sang out sweetly, kissing the said male's cheek chastely. Cue out the red tint on the young male's cheeks and you laughing softly. Lovino had conveniently hid behind a mannequin of a store in the third floor as he continued to listen on the conversation between you and the guy's name who Lovino wouldn't even mention.

"Hahaha, thanks for today too (Name). It's a shame you couldn't stay longer."

"Yeah. Lovi's going to visit me so I have to go." You mumbled, checking your white watch on your left wrist warily. Justin nodded briefly in understanding and patted your head lovingly.

"You sure he wouldn't be mad about you going on a date with me?" Lovino gritted his teeth as Justin said that loudly. You looked back up and smiled a little at him.

"What he doesn't know won't kill him, right Justin~" you spoke softly with a wink and walked next to him to the escalator that takes you to the ground floor and to the exit. You waved your hand one more time at Justin and disappeared to the crowded street, leaving a very disappointed and angered Lovino, who wouldn't forgive you no matter what, behind with the bouquet of flower already thrown somewhere in the trash bin of the mall.

Lovino walked outside too, with his auburn bangs covering his honey amber eyes that were starting to fill to the brim with crystal clear tears. "It was all a lie! A big fucking lie!" he bitterly thought, cursing under his breath with rapid fire Italian. The grumpy Italian left the shopping district with a broken heart and a big revenge plan forming in his head. You wouldn't be able to stop him anymore, oh no, he was going forward with his plan no matter what. A sick twisted grin formed on his lips as he drowned himself in pure guilty pleasure of imagining seeing your face.


"Loviiiiiiiiiiiiiiii…. Why didn't you come to my house yesterday… I was waiting for you…" you pouted from your seat next to the said always forever grumpy Italian, who was of course frowning at everything, "You didn't even pick me up today…" you continued with your puppy dog tone. Lovino merely scoffed at your complaints as he started to pack up his stuffs since the day at school was over. You quickly packed up your stuff, which basically means shoving all of your belongings to your trusted backpack, and stood up, standing in front of his desk to wait for him to finish cleaning up.

"Hey, hey. Is Feli sick today? I didn't see him around!" you called out with a cheerful tone, trying to mask your depression of your sweet dear Lovino ignoring you bluntly.

"He's sick with a fever at home." He answered shortly while placing his books and his pencil case to his bag neatly. You beamed at him, happy that he didn't ignore your question that time.

"Is that so? Tell him I said get well! Maybe then we can play again together at your house Lovi!"

"Stop calling me that will you."

"But it's your nickname that I chose! And besides, it's cute. Anyways, what do you want to do next Saturday? Maybe we could go to the mall? Or maybe to the amusement park that just opened up last month at the next town? Or maybe a small vacation to the beach. Hey, maybe we could bring Feli along! If he isn't sick anymore that is. The more the merrier, right?" you intertwine your hands together in delight, thinking of the wonderful things you could do for the make-up date next Saturday, but what he did next surprised you greatly, even to the extent of making you freeze into the place you were standing.

"Shut up bitch." He yelled out, standing abruptly, making the chair he was sitting in a few second ago topple and drop to the floor with a thump. The faces of all of your classmates turn to your direction, curious on what is happening to the famous couple of the school.

"Sorry? What did you say L-Lovi? I couldn't quite hear you…" you tried to smile at your boyfriend softly, which only came out as a small awkward twitch on your lips as he glared up at you intensely, tearing his eyes from the once messy desk to your glassy (e/c) eyes. You never liked, heck you could even say you despised the indirect cursing from Lovino to other people and even more when he said it directly to the person. But he said it directly and loudly…to you even!

"I am tired of your constant bitching you know. You and your bla bla bla shit. Guess what? Not a single fuck was given. And yes, that means we're over you slut. No wait. You fucking whore." He stormed out of the tense classroom, leaving a very much stunned class. You stood there in absolute dumbstruck, your feet quickly turning into pasta jelly as you fell to the floor in a loud crash. Your classmates awkwardly stood there, unable to do anything but watch the heartbreaking break up which involves what they thought as an innocent you and a heartless Lovino. But you knew better. Lovino wouldn't do something like that without a reason.

"H-he must have found a better person to be with…At least better than worthless me…" you thought as your closest friend, Elizabetha, tried to comfort you in every way possible. She even offered you for her to hit him with her infamous frying pan of doom to which you weakly refused. After a few minutes of your feet being a useless lead and your classmates' and friends' sincerest concerns, you stood up shakily and bid all of them a short goodbye with your shaky, cracked voice and a weak wave of your hand.


"Yes! That worked!"

"Ufufufufufu… I have to say, that was quite clever of you."

"Ahahahhahaha! Now, I can have him! I can have him for myself!"

"Remember to keep up your part of the bargain my dear, dear lady."

"Yeah, yeah. Whatever."


"God dammit woman! You suck!" yelled a girl, also known as you, with greasy (h/l) (h/c) hair and red; tear stained eyes, shoving a mouthful of (fav ice cream flavor) ice cream with the metallic spoon to your mouth, effectively shutting you up instantly. You were watching those cliché movies of a girl, who you always dubbed as Girl A for no reason, having a really attractive boyfriend, who then cheats Girl A with Girl B, who was Girl A's bestfriend. The story then complicates more, but in the end it would always be the fact that Girl A would either move on or be with the boyfriend again and Girl B would then apologize shamelessly to Girl A who accepts her mistake and they would live happily ever after.

You had been stuffing your face with pints of your favorite cooling ice cream, packs of crispy, salty chips and multiple bars of the holy chocolate that you love so dearly for the last depressing 12 hours. You were currently wrapped around your comfortable blanket in a fatal curl while watching the movie with the lights off and having your second pint of ice cream, shouting out profanities at the dumb blonde ass of a main character. In short, you skipped school and were now at home with a sick note granted by your godly kind and understanding parents who were out of the house for an important business trip from early morning that Tuesday.

You had been sulking all night yesterday in the emotional corner of your room and had came out of your room early morning to find out a note saying your parents were living you alone for two days and had informed the school of your two days absence. It was a perfect timing since you currently weren't in any mood to meet your now ex-boyfriend, Lovino, who was unfortunately supposed to be sitting next to you in that God forbid chair.

As you shoved another scoop of ice cream, which was caramel flavoured this time; you were gracefully interrupted by the loud doorbell's ringing which forced you to stop your movie that was halfway through. You lazily stood up and abandoned the warm comfort of your blanket as you proceeded to drag yourself to the entrance. The doorbell rang once more and you yelled out a "I'm coming! Please wait for a moment!" before staring at the clock which showed the time as half past 2 in the afternoon and you thought that it must be your friends checking up on you since you did told Elizabetha and Bella that you were going to be absent for the next two days.

"Hey! Oh, hi there…" you cheerfully but then awkwardly greeted the person in front of you. You were expecting your best friends but in front of you was……someone…that looks the same as you…It was like looking into a mirror you thought, clearly startled by the sight of the (h/l) (h/c) hair, (e/c) eyes and your school's uniform.

"I'm home~" the unknown girl sang out, walking past through you in a rough manner. You turned around to close the door suspiciously but dismissed the thought when the girl in front of you turned on her heel and slammed the door shut with her hand, barely missing your head. You flinch at the loud slam and took a step back, inching closer to the closed door. She grinned widely and walked two steps front, closing on you rather quickly. You held your place by the door as the girl placed her head even closer to you and you could feel the hair in the back of your neck rising up eerily, but you wouldn't give up without a fight.

"W-who are you?" you mentally cursed out since you sounded so weak and scared, effectively making the girl smile smugly again. You could hear the unknown intruder chuckle slightly before locking gazes in such intensity with your same (e/c) orbs.

"I am (Name). Who may I ask are you? I don't think you're supposed to be in MY house. I think I should call the police if you don't get out soon." (Name) sweetly informed you, making you gasp audibly. She chuckled once more and turned away to walk to the living room that was connected to the kitchen.

"No. You're not (Name). I am, you faker." You strongly opposed her, pointing at the fake you in the ribs. She rolled her (e/c) eyes and pinned you to the wall roughly. You could feel your head banging into the wall and fall into a hazy like trance, slightly effecting your vision and balance.

"I am sorry. Yes I am not you. I don't cheat on my boyfriend unlike you, my dear, dear (Name)." she hissed in a low tone. You glared at her and struggled to get out of her tight grip on your wrists.

"I would never, ever cheat on anyone, you faking liar." You growled, promptly spitting at her familiar face. She grimaced at your action and released her grip to wipe her face. You quickly pushed her to the opposite wall in one strong movement and ran to the living room with taking the phone to call someone as your objective. The faker cursed loudly and ran behind you, who were already busy fumbling with your phone to call someone.

As you pressed the calling button of a random contact of your friends, you were tackled to the soft, velvety pale beige carpet by the imposter, which ended your phone to flung from your hands and to hit the glass by the window harshly and landing with a loud thump to the floor. You quickly turned around to the direction of imposter and made a hasty grip on her wrist trying to pry her hands away from your neck. She started to press her grip harder, slowly cutting off the air circulation from your neck as she maniacally laughed at your defenseless position, "You knew how easy it was to get rid of your naïve boyfriend? It was like stealing a candy from a kid I tell you! Now he will be mine! Mine!" she pressed her hand tighter, almost cutting off all the remaining circulation.

"You! ROSALINE! Get the fuck off you psychotic bitch! I knew it! You tampered with Lovino's mind you heartless piece of shit!" you yelled out loudly and tried to jerk off her hand from your neck as she completely cut off your oxygen supply, effectively shutting you up. She cackled out loudly at your despaired motions of stopping her. She was having too much fun in torturing you.

"Hey you know. It is said that if you meet your doppelganger, you would die in three days… WHY NEED THREE DAYS WHEN I CAN KILL YOU NOW! Hahahaha!" she laughed out crazily, ignoring your incoherent noises of struggle, "We don't need two (Name) (Surname)s in this world. So die already you persistent junk. That way Lovino will be mine and mine only. He wasn't supposed to be with you! He was mine! MINE!" she continued on, keeping her hands' pressure on your neck evenly. Your eyes started to tear up as your life flashes out in front of you. The good memories appeared mostly but you regretted that one moment when you couldn't tell that you love Lovino once more. Even if he hates you.

And the last thing you remembered seeing was Rosaline's (or was it yours?) crazed look and a ghost of a shadow at the entrance of the living room before your world turned pitch black.


Lovino Vargas stared at the empty chair on his left with an empty stare. The other classmates and friends of his were staring at him warily, whispering suspicious words to each other. He gave them a hard glare to shut them up and looked back to the clear blackboard in front of the class. He was contemplating of ways on how to apologize to you. Sure he saw you cheating on him, but it didn't give him the right to embarrass you in front of the whole class. Heck, it didn't even gave him ANY right to call you those hurtful words when you were the only one who would comfort him when he was being ignored by his grandfather or by anybody else due to being in the shadows of his talented younger brother, Feliciano.

He wondered what had gotten into him when he said those words to you, he wondered why instead of drowning in guilty pleasure when he said those cursed words, he was feeling downright wrong. He wondered about why he felt his heart sank to deep sea down the chains of unhappiness and himself flinching when he heard the crash of you falling down in the class. Why? He questioned himself all the time.

He made a silent vow to visit your house after school to apologize to you as the period after lunch started and other students scurry to their seats, the floating rumours still ringing fresh in their curious minds. There was no way he would stop his plan on visiting you. Absolutely nothing.

-Time Skip-

It was precisely three o'clock when he stood by your house's front door, mumbling to himself whether he should do this or not. He awkwardly stood by the door, his hand in the air to knock on the hard surface but his prideful ego not allowing him to do what he wanted most, which was to apologize to you.

"Why should you apologize to that bitchy woman? She was the one who had hurt you. Come on, there's tons of other pretty girls for you." His illogical pride told him, unhappy with the current situation.

"But come on Lovino! You know (Name) doesn't deserve all of that! You already broke her heart and you also embarrassed her in front of everyone when she never did do that to you! Go on! Apologize to her. At least make the break up end nicely. Hey maybe you could still be friends!" the logical part of his mind suggested, glaring poisonous daggers at his pride with a frown. Lovino took a gulp of his dry lump in his throat and closed his eyes as his mind made the final decision to apologize to you. Swallowing all of his pride behind, he proceeded to knock on your door until he was interrupted with another damn phone call.

 Ignoring the screen that showed the caller's ID, he reluctantly placed the phone next to his ear to hear a loud crash and absolute silence in a moment. While waiting for a sound or a voice from the other end, he knocked on your door, waiting for you to open it. There was absolute silence on both end and Lovino tried to turn the knob of your door, not expecting it to be unlocked. The door creaked silently as there was no sign on life in the hallway; the only sound was coming from the living room and the struggling pants of the other end of phone. He highly now on a defensive stance, surveying his surroundings for any intruders that may have came into your house uninvited, considering you would never forget to lock the door if you were alone in your house.

"You knew how easy it was to get rid of your naïve boyfriend? It was like stealing a candy from a kid I tell you! Now he will be mine! Mine!" Lovino winced at the volume of the phone call, realizing that it was not only from the phone but from direction of the living room as well. He timidly tore off the phone from his ears to see your name as the caller's ID and started treading carefully into the living room, unaware of the surprise for him ahead.

"You! ROSALINE! Get the fuck off you psychotic bitch! I knew it! You tampered with Lovino's mind you heartless piece of shit!" your cracked voice rang throughout the whole house, making Lovino even more worried if possible. Abandoning all of that 'treading carefully' shit behind, he dashed to the room and saw you straddling… your waist?

"Hey you know. It is said that if you meet your doppelganger, you would die in three days… WHY NEED THREE DAYS WHEN I CAN KILL YOU NOW! Hahahaha! We don't need two (Name) (Surname)s in this world. So die already you persistent junk. That way Lovino will be mine and mine only. He wasn't supposed to be with you! He was mine! MINE!" the girl (or was it you? in Lovino's mind) shouted, constricting you (?) down. He discarded all of common sense as he swiftly detached Rosaline's prying hands from your neck, efficiently slamming her body to the nearby coffee table.

"Hey, hey (Name)! Wake up damn it! Don't you dare die on me!" he shouted at your limp body, trying to feel your weak, fading pulse at the jugular vein in the right part of your neck. He sighed in a sharp breath as he felt the thumps of your pulse, but it was vanishing quite in a rapid pace.

"U-ugh… What are doing to that imposter Lovi… Don't you know that I'm (Name)! She's not me! She's an imposter!" whined Rosaline, who coughing out harshly but still acting as if she was you. Lovino glared at the lying imposter harshly, making her back off slightly.

"I've heard enough of you, lying bastard. I hate you!" Lovino yelled out loudly, holding your body closely to his. He laid you back down as he ignored the noisy pleads of the girl behind him and began to do CPR to you. He tilted your chin up and gingerly placed his shaky lips on top of your as he gave you breaths of air that lasts about 1 second per breath before moving on to pushing down the center of your chest in strong movements. He repeated the simple procedure many times until he saw your chest moving and you coughed out a drop of sickly red blood into the floor.

"L-Lovi?" you breathlessly croaked out, having a bloody coughing fit as the blood spilled past to your hands and stained your (f/c) pyjamas. Lovino couldn't help but let tears slip past the brim of his eyes and into his cheeks before dropping to your pale hands. You looked up carefully, only to almost be tackled to the hard ground once more the mop of chestnut coloured hair also known as Lovino Vargas.

"Thank God… Thank god, you're ok. I'm sorry, I'm sorry…" he chanted those words to your ear, letting him cry to his will. You began to pat his soft hair, deliberately avoiding his curl though it seemed tempting at the moment. But as usual, all good moments had always had to be interrupted or come to an end.

"DAMMIT! DON'T IGNORE ME YOU GUYS!" Rosaline shouted blatantly out from your right as she charged towards your direction in the floor. Both you and Lovino stared at her in shock before Lovino moves in front of you, placing his hands out in a defensive stance. He wasn't going to lose this time. Not this time or ever again.

"Woah! Stop there~!" a voice intercepted Rosaline's charge towards you as the figure suddenly appeared with a blinding grey smoke in front of you and Lovino. You inched back with Lovino, coughing due to the suffocating smog and your (e/c) eyes slightly watering from the dust.

"W-what are you doing here! I am not done yet with them!" Rosaline's deafening shouts could be heard from the other side of the clearing smoke. She seemed agitated from what you could see.

"Hmm~ Poor, poor Rosaline. Unable to keep up her end of the bargain, even with 5 wishes. Such a pathetic mortal being." The mysterious person (?) replied, 'tsk-ing' at the mad Rosaline who was childishly pouting, "But, I have to thank you… For discovering someone so intriguing as you…… (Name) (Surname)…" the person, who you deemed as a male, turned on his heel, staring down on your retreating figure with a wide smirk.

"W-wait. I still have the other 3 wishes right? RIGHT? Then, then I wish that (Name) (Surname) would disappear from this Earth. Ahhahaha, then-then Lovino could be mine! Yes, grant me that wish!" the loud cackles of a crazed Rosaline echoed through the silent room, giving your head a slight migraine.

"That wish shall be granted miss Rosaline. I am to grant your 5 wishes with no exceptions after all." The pale blonde male commented, muttering incoherent spells under his breath. Lovino's grip on your shoulders tightens massively, almost to the point of hurting you in fact. Rosaline now laughs at your determined fate and gives you a last smug grin of victory while the blonde male, who you now dubbed as the grim reaper for no apparent reason, gave you one last pitying glance.

"Hahahahaha begone you peasant. You are not allowed in this world anymore. So sad." Rosaline's unforgiving dark chuckles filled the room with a tense atmosphere. Well that is until a blue portal was formed below her. "W-what wait! I said (Name) not me! You traitor!" she panicked and struggle under the stable force that slowly consumes her lower body parts.

"Hmm~ If I am not wrong, your second wish was 'I wanna be her. I want to be (Name) (Surname)!' so I see no false and inaccuracy of my judgments right now. Good bye Rosaline. Maybe you could try on death for making a deal with the devil~" Grim Reaper (or was it the Devil now?) muttered creepily cheerful at the dissolving form of what's left from Rosaline, who was miraculously still cursing profanities and swearing you to immeasurable depths of hell itself. You let out a long sigh of relief as her traumatic disfigured appearance disappears from your sight in a bright yellow light before hugging Lovino tightly from the back, your hands landing nicely on his waist.

"So…how about miss (Name) (Surname)? How about you make a deal with me?" the harmless looking devil turned around to your direction, offering his pale hands in front of you. You grimaced at his words and shook your head almost immediately without thinking at all. He smiled a little bit and sighed, "That's what I expected considering you are already happy with what you have. So perhaps next time, Lady (Surname). Maybe next time." With that the lonesome figure disappeared with another round of blinding smoke and a beautifully carved box fell to the ground with a neatly handwritten note floating gracefully in the air.

'Whenever you have troubles, make sure to open the box and read the spell to summon me. Don't worry I don't bite. At least not to you, I won't. You intrigued me far too much; it'll be a shame if you died too early.

With warm regards,
La Daemon'

You eyed the box suspiciously, tracing the silver frame and glowing ruby stone gingerly. Deeming it harmless, you placed it on the coffee table and plopped down in front of the sofa lazily, wrapping the blanket around your body again.

"What are you doing on the floor Lovi? Come here and sit next to me. Wanna have some ice c— ok… Wanna have some chips instead?" you played the movie again, continuing from where you left from, munching on the leftover chips instead of the melted sweet caramel flavoured ice cream you had abandoned for God knows how long in the slightly warm living room. Lovino gapped his mouth and stared at in disbelief. You had nearly died just about 10 minutes ago, met a /nice and handsome/ demon, was almost sent to hell or maybe a prison or something, yet now you were sitting down comfortably in the sofa, watching cliché movies like nothing happened at all?

Lovino laughed awkwardly before standing up from his spot on the floor and into the empty space next to you, wrapping one hand to your waist and the other across your stomach as he buried his head in the crook of your sensitive neck. You squealed with glee as his hair tickles your neck while shifting your position a little bit to get comfortable. He gave you a quick peck on your cheeks, which betrayed your mind and turned a brilliant scarlet, making you giggle slightly and then kiss his lips tenderly, ignoring the cheesy remarks that the characters in the movie are quarrelling about.

Yeah, days like this were normal in your case…
Well except the thing with the demons and imposter or doppelgangers that is.



"You know Lovi…" you mumbled sleepily from your spot at Lovino's lap as he looked down to meet your gaze.

"Hmm?" he asked briskly, yawning loudly in the process.

"I still haven't forgiven you for calling me names."


"Get ready for my punishment tomorrow. I'm far too tired today." You ignored his silent puppy dog stares and closed your tired (e/c) eyes. Slowly you drifted off to a deep slumber and dear Lovino was stuck in an unfavorable position, unable to escape from your house without waking you up.

He was totally not ready for the beating of his life yet.
Ok, this is one random oneshot [with a title that makes no sense at all too] >w< I totally didn't expect this story to become so..... dramatic. D: But yeah, I'm sorta happy with this one since this plot has been stuck in my mind for awhile!

Doppelgangers and imitations are epic!

This story is inspired from Vocaloid IA's Aimless Imitation Chair Stealing Game [ [link] ] and Warning of Imposters [ [link] ] Hear the song~ It's really cool! :iconus-xdplz:

Btw, I'm taking a break from writing...... yeah. I've been procrastinating way too much and my laziness just keeps getting worse. It's not like I don't have a plot or anything, it's just that I'm lazy to write it. So I decided to take a hiatus for now till I have more determination to continue writing. (_ _) Till then~! Bye-bye!


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