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November 17, 2012
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Loving Smile

Pairing: Prussia x Reader
Warning: Modest use of curse words and slightly suggestive ^^;

~*~*~*~*Prussia's POV*~*~*~*~*

We both sat down on the cool kitchen floor on a random Tuesday amidst the summer's unbearable heat. The weather was hot and humid making my white t-shirt stick to my body. Not that I am complaining or anything. Hey, they make me look dead sexy!

Anyways, me and (name) were sitting down on the floor, eating blue popsicles that (name) had bought from the convenient store a few hours ago. It was refreshing to eat such a cold treat on a blazing summer day like this, but alas it didn't last.

"It's so hot (name)~ Or is it just me?" I joked, winking at the unsuspecting girl. She blushed lightly, maybe because of the heat or me, before grinning widely.  

"Oh, it's totally you Gil." She cooed, licking the blue Popsicle, which is now the subject of envy, sexily. Damn, she knows how to make the awesome me hot and bothered.

(Name) continued to eat her treat slowly, sometimes licking her fingers due to the rapidly melting Popsicle. And well, mine was…on the floor. I put on an innocent face and crawled to her direction slowly. (Name) raises an eyebrow in question but luckily, doesn't do anything to stop me.

I stopped directly in front of her and (Name) altogether stopped her actions and stared at me in absolute confusion. I crossed my leg as I sat back down on the floor before I mustered a large innocent grin and swiftly pulling her to my lap. She squeaked loudly and her face grew into an adorable red.

"My, oh my, who has been such a naughty girl today~" I whispered lowly to her right ear, pulling away her right hand, that was holding the Popsicle, from her mouth. She shuddered delightfully.

"Gil~ The Popsicle's gonna melt…" she breathlessly moaned out as I licked the outer shell of her right ear sensually.

"Oh you won't be thinking about any Popsicles anymore when I'm done with you frau." I answered, licking the trail of blue down her arm because of the said melting Popsicle.

"Oh, god… Gilbert you tease." She chuckled, quite ticklish from my actions. I smiled against her arm as she finally drops the Popsicle stick to floor, ending it with a delightful splat.

"Well then frau, ready to take it to the next level?" I asked suggestively, "Not that I am going to take 'no' as an answer though."

"Does it look as if I have a choice, you Prussian idiot?" she laughed, wrapping her slender arm around my neck. I rolled my eyes for a bit before slipping one of my arms under her knee and another one below her slim torso.

"Ich liebe dich, (Name)" I mumbled, my face inching closer to her. She smiled warmly at me.

"Ich liebe dich auch—"

"GILBERT BEILSCHMIDT, you sad excuse of a student of mine!! Stop daydreaming already!!" a shrill, high-pitched voice shouted at me.

"Mein gott… There's no need to yell at me lady." I mumbled, snapping out of my daydreams. The old teacher, whose name I don't even remember, placed her wrinkly hands on her hips and frowned deeply.



"OUT OF MY CLASS GILBERT!" She harshly demanded, slamming her hands at the table, making pretty much everyone in the classroom jump. I snickered softly before standing up abruptly, making the metallic chair I was sitting in, hit another random student's table loudly.

I strolled casually to the front of the room and stopped dead center, in front of the blackboard. Miss I-don't-even-know-her-name gave a hard glare that which I returned with a huge grin.

"Oh, the irony! My poor, old but still awesome heart! I'm afraid the awesome me must bid farewell to you all, my liebe. I shall see you later for I have been exiled from this kingdom! Ja, goodbye for now!" I dramatically proclaimed like my best friend (and partner in crime) Francis, clenching the fabrics of my white t-shirt that was over my heart tightly with my left hand and the other hand lifted high in the air.

This made everyone on the room laughed out loud and of course, the fan-girls screaming over how 'hot' I am. Francis and Antonio, my best friends, snickered loudly and gave high fives to each other. I gave them my trademark grin and scanned the wild crowd in search of one particular girl.


She looked stunt. Like not sure whether to laugh or be mad. In short, confused. She was never a person who caught things very fast. She then grew a new shade of paleness as she pointed to the direction behind me when my ruby eyes met her dazzling (e/c) ones.

I turned behind slowly. Behind me was… something so scary that I could not describe it. My eyes widened slightly, before I high tailed out of the class. Well almost out of the class actually.

When I reached the sliding door, I grabbed the handle and turned my head back to the class. I could feel the stares on me; I placed the palm of my hand over my mouth and made a kissing gesture completed with a wink.

The reaction was almost instant. The boys snickered once more and the girls just screamed in delight. I smirked and went out of the classroom, slamming the door loudly in purpose.

Laughing loudly, I walked across the empty halls to the entrance of the school. "Might as well skip the whole day." I thought, strolling to a nearby park. It was a lovely day with no cloud present in the blue sky and the sun wasn't exactly blazing. The wind was also very calming.

As soon as I reached the familiar park, I directly sat down on the wooden bench, just across the marble fountain. And that's when silence took over. I sat there silently; the only sound accompanying me was the splatters of the water in the fountain and the soothing tinkling of the wind.

I thought back from the moment I met (Name). Let's just say, our meeting isn't actually like those in fairy tales or storybooks where the princess sees the prince and they directly fall in love with each other…

~*~*~*~*FLASHBACK to about 6 months ago*~*~*~*~

"Woah, ladies, ladies. Calm down! There's enough of the awesome me for every one of you! Kesesesesese," I joked, happily getting drowned by a rabid crowd of fan-girls.  Shouts and squeals were everywhere and my bros, Francis and Antonio were pretty much in the same position. With less girls of course.

"OMG, Gilbert! Can you go on a date with me?" "No, go out with me!" "Heck no, you freak. Gilbert's mine!" "Get away from Gilbert everyone!! He's mine!" "Nerd, get out of my way!" "No, you move!"

I smiled nervously to the crowd, praying that a good soul will save me. And it seems god had answered my prayers.

The door of the entrance slammed open. The school's quarterback, Alfred F Jones, strolled in casually. His step-brother, the punkish lead guitarist of the ridiculously famous band, Black Rose, followed suit. And in the middle of them was the most beautiful frau I've ever seen.

With shimmering (h/c) hair tied into a side ponytail, deep pools of (e/c) gems that radiated kindness, rosy pink cheeks and a slender body, she looks absolutely perfect.

The crowd went silent and stared at the new figure. She stopped laughing with the two guys and stared back at the crowd around us, the Bad Touch Trio. She titled her head in confusion before motioning the Alfred and Arthur to come closer. She whispered something to their ears before laughing softly, followed with soft smile from both Alfred and Arthur.

The crowd glared daggers at the poor frau, for she was standing in the middle of the two dynamic duo of the school, Alfred and Arthur. Well, they are of course below the Bad Touch Trio anyways.

She casts one last glance at me before linking hands with both Arthur and Alfred and dragging them to the East section of the school. And it wasn't any regular look. It was a challenging glance. I smirked before breaking from the crowd of girls and jogging slightly.

(Name), whose name I had known a few days after the encounter, walked to the direction of the Principal's room, laughing at the duo. Alfred was of course talking about his hamburgers and Arthur was scolding him over and over again.

"Hey, frau! Are you new here?" I cheerfully asked, grabbing her shoulders. She stopped talking and turned back, Arthur and Alfred looking at me weirdly. (Name) noticed and told them to back off. Alfred gave her a pleading look but eventually backed off when (Name) glared at him.

"Well hello there, Gilbert. I've heard about you from Alfred and Arthur here." She said with a suspicious tone and her voice full of venom when she said my name. She narrowed her eyes slightly and I cursed inwardly. Of course, Alfred and Arthur told her bad things about me.

"That saves us time to introduce the awesome me! So you free this Saturday?" I chuckled, pulling away my hands from her shoulders.

"You seriously expect me to go on a date with you that fast Gilbert? Heck you don't even know my name." she huffed, pouting slightly. Have I mentioned that her pouts are absolutely one of the cutest things in the world?

"Kesesesese, we can arrange that frau. So you up to the offer?" I asked, smiling charmingly at her. No one can resist mein awesomeness and live to tell the tale.


Except for her.

"Gilbert, just leave her alone." Arthur growled. Alfred nodded and (Name ) smiled.

"Why should I Artie? You her boyfriend or something?" And I instantly regretted asking that question. What if Arthur was her boyfriend? I'll be so freaking embarrassed.

"No. But I won't let you touch my cousin that easily Gilbert. Not with how you always act." Arthur hissed, holding his cousin protectively. (Name) smiled softly again.

"Come on, Arthur dude. We're gonna make our little guest late here…" Alfred whined, tugging the sleeves of Arthur's white shirt that he wore below the sleeveless midnight blue vest-jacket. He frowned slightly before turning back at the direction of the Principal's room.

"Come on. Let's go love." Arthur motioned (Name) to turn back and walked to the room, leaving me standing there awkwardly. The three students walked inside the room and I frowned. So much for another frau.

~*~*~*~*TIMESKIP 3 months*~*~*~*~

Within the three short months, (Name) has officially became the school's sweetheart. She is kind, caring and feisty. Let's not forget about the last part. And that's pretty much why she was stuck with me for this 'photoshoot'. She had warmed up to me slightly now and I was probably qualified as a 'friend' in her scale now.

She was wearing a cute, short strapless dress that reaches up to her knee. The dress's colour was ranged from white at the top to a soft shade of (f/c) in the middle and dark (f/c) in the bottom. It was decorated with black laces in the hem of the dress and also there was another black sash tied around her waist to form a simple bow. Her hair slightly wavy, probably due to that thing whatever girls use to make the hair curly, and was decorated with a jet black headband. The also black flat shoes she was wearing with (f/c) ribbons also complemented with her dress.

"Ugh…When will this start? I want it to be over already…" (Name) groaned in boredom as she sat down on the modern white sofa. She cradled her face with her hands and stared into the empty changing room.

"Soon, frau. Soon." I assured her while I fixed my own suit. I fixed the black buttons of my white dress shirt and straightened all the creases in my black vest until it looks perfect.

"Well then Gil, while I go die of boredom, why don't you entertain me by telling me the reason why we are here again?" (Name) complained, her head tilted backwards towards the ceilings and her hands crossed over her chest. I have to admit (Name) in that position and a strapless dress is one of the best things that ever happened in my life.

I coughed a little bit before answering, "Well frau. Basically, a few weeks ago, the poll for the homecoming queen and king opened and students were allowed to vote for the chosen candidates to be the winner. And I, being the awesome me as usual, won it hands down. And you, somehow, won too. Now, we are forced to take 'cute' pictures for the yearbook. End of story."

"Wow… You suck at telling stories Gil." (Name) stated, using my nickname in such a cute manner that should be illegal I swear. I quickly dismissed the thought and frowned.

"That was totally not awesome (Name). Mein Bruder always tells me I told good stories when he was a kid," I commented, poking my index finger at her plump cheeks and also sneaking a few quick glances at you know where.

"Well then, Ludwig must either be a really good liar and a brother that don't want to hurt your pride or there is something wrong with his tastes. Your choice, Gilbert." (Name) waved her hand in the air randomly as she talks softly.

"I choose none, meanie." I pouted before sticking my tongue out. (Name) rolled her eyes and stood back up. She straightened out her dress and fixed her tilted headband. And as if on cue, the door to the editing opened.

"Hey guys, the name's Erika but you can just call me Eri or something like that. Sorry for the long wait, Lukas needed some extra time for the preparations." The silver haired with purple hues frau said, opening the door widely to welcome us.

"Hi, Erika. It's nice to meet you, I'm (Name)." (Name) introduced sweetly, shaking the other frau's hand, "And the guy over there is Gilbert." She continued, pointing at me with her thumb.

"Nice to meet you too, Gilbert." Erika said, shaking my hand. Gott, her hand was so cold. And that's when I remembered. Erika Steilsson. Brother of Emil Steilsson and Lukas Bondevik. The Icelandic chick with silver hair that likes photography.

I made a mental note not to get close to her since both Lukas and Emil will never, ever, ever getting back together forgive me if I touch their søster or whatever they call her. Let's just say, there were several guys that had suffered the same consequences and was traumatized for a whole week. Yikes.

"Anyways, let's get this started. If you would (Name), Gilbert, please do stand there by the wallpaper." Erika continues, motioning at the soft blue wallpaper at the center of the room.

I walked over piles of rolls in the floor, trying not to step on something. Naturally, (Name) who had smaller, nimble feet skipped over it as if it was the easiest thing in the world. I groaned in annoyance as I made my way to the center of the room. A few moments later, I managed to get to the center and Erika magically appears with the emotionless Norwegian who had a camera hung around his neck.

"(Name)." he greeted, either purposely ignoring me or I don't know…He has no freaking emotion for God's sake. How could I know his thoughts!

"Lukas." (Name) greeted back. Wait, she knows him?

"Yo (Name). You know him or something?" I asked looking at the said Norwegian. He stared back almost immediately. And if that wasn't creepy then I don't know what is.

"Yeah, I know him pretty well. He often visits Arthur's house with the Romanian guy, Vladimir for their club activities. They do pretty awesome stuffs I should say." (Name) answers with no hesitation, saluting at Lukas.

"Thank you for the compliment (Name). I look forward to meeting your cousin again this following Thursday." Lukas's cold accented voice rang throughout the whole room, "But we're here not to discuss about that unfortunately. So let us start immediately."

"Wunderbar! Let's get this over with!" I cheered, earning weird looks from Erika and (Name) and a blank look from Lukas.

"Yeah…So how should we do this?" (Name) interjects, waiting patiently from either one of the family's response.

"Well, I was thinking on doing something sweet you know. Sweet things that usually couple would do like cuddling or hugs." Erika responded shyly since Lukas didn't make any attempt to answer at all.  

"C-c-couples?" (Name) stuttered, slowly turning around to my direction. She had a look of utter disbelieve and confusion. Which ironically matches mine. Oh, great. Fan-fucking-tastic.

"I uh…So er…How?" I mumbled out, my head starting to spin. Erika grimaced and apologized, saying it was a stupid idea. Everyone could pretty much see how guilty she felt.

"No, Erika. It's fine. I can handle it. We'll do follow your idea!" (Name) hastily comforts the heart-broken Erika who was sulking in the emo corner, mumbling incoherent things.  

"Yeah, frau! Cheer up, we were just surprised you know! It was only in the moment." I tried to cheer her up too, holding her shoulders in a soothing way. She sniffled one last time before standing up and making her way next to her step brother.

"Ok then. Take your position guys. Feel free to do any poses you want." Lukas's voice commanded. I quickly skipped my way back in front of the wallpaper. And that's where enigmatic thoughts started pouring in.

"What kind of poses should I do? ARGHHH, Gilbert! Think, think, think like a boss. Mein gott. Help this poor soul. Help please." I mentally pleaded. On the outside… I probably looked as if I am daydreaming.

"-Bert…GILBERT YOU BLOODY WANKER!" I snapped out of my pleading to meet the fiery (e/c) eyes of a fuming (Name). I blinked my eyes innocently, trying to avoid any awkward eye contacts.

"Y-yes (Name)?" I stuttered.

"You want this to get over right?"


"Uh, yes."

"Ok, then let's work together to finish this quickly."

'But I don't want this to end'

"Whatever you say (Name)."


"Sure, sure. Let's get this started." (Name) muttered. I awkwardly snaked my arms around her waist and rest my head on top of her own. She smelled nice. Like a warm breeze in the fresh morning of spring. I mustered a soft smile and waited for Lukas to take the picture.

"You guys are so cute togetherrrrrrr~" Erika cooed, trying to conceal a squeal.

"Great picture (Name) … and Gilbert I assume?" Lukas complimented. He double checks the picture before looking at us.

"Yep. That's the awesome me!"

"Gilbert, get your head off of mine."

"Nein. It's so comfortable here. I could do this all day~"

"WHAT?!? No bloody way Gilbert!"

"Damn, you're starting to sound like Arthur, (Name)." I chuckled at her behavior. She was totally using all her might to get out of my grasp. She flails her arm in every direction you could think of and I, of course, awesomely dodged them all.

"You guys are such naturals! Are you guys dating or something?" Erika randomly burst out. (Name) stopped her flailing and my grip on her loosened a tad bit which was something (Name) took advantage of.

"Nope. Not dating at all." (Name) confirmed, crossing her hands like an 'x' as she straightened out her now messy clothing. I stood there awkwardly, unable to move as if I am a statue.

"Why did you stop? I was getting good shots, (Name)." Lukas interrupts, looking away from his camera to (Name).

"Aw alright. Let's do this," (Name) groaned, taking her position once more, "So what pose next?"

And then light bulb in my head brightened immediately.

"I know one."

"What is it?" (Name) questioned, tilting her head in question.

"This." With that I pulled her right wrist roughly, making her jerk towards me and stopped when we were just inches apart. I once more grab hold of her waist and brought her more closer to me, if possible.

"W-what? Gilbert unhand me right now you German idiot!" (Name) hissed, her words starting to slur as if she's drunk.

"As if I would do that (Name). And for your information, I am not German. I'm Prussian." I grinned widely at her flustered face. Ah, such an adorable expression.

"Hey, Lukas! Make sure you get a lot this pose dude. And you, Erika, help me take a picture with my phone will you?" I said, throwing my black and white phone at Erika, who caught it mid-air after I shoved my hand to my pocket to find it.

"Sure thing Gilbert!" Erika replied back ecstatically. She starts to take pictures will multiple angles like a pro. Fuck yeah.

"Lukas, should I also kiss her?"

"Up to you. Don't mind me or Erika when you do though."

"NO! NEIN! NON! Bù! NEJ! NEI!" (Name) protested while cursing under her breath.

"Woah, frau. You can speak German?" I asked excitedly.

"Yes, I can. Now let me go."

"Nein. How come I've never known this?"

"Because you never asked. LET ME GO ALREADY."

"Kesesese no can do (Name)~ We've gone this far, so why don't we seal the deal with a kiss from the awesomeness?" I suggested slyly, winking at the unsuspecting (Name).

And thennnnnnnn……… She fainted. Aw hell no. Alfred and Arthur are gonna murder me. FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC.

"Scheiße (Name)! Wake up!"

"Oh well…Lucky for us we were done with the pictures. You can now take her to the infirmary Gilbert. Erika, it's your turn now, I'm going to find little brother." Lukas commanded, handing the camera over to Erika, who gave my phone back to me.

Erika smiled softly at me before disappearing to the editing room and Lukas led the way outside of the room. Lukas to find Emil and me, stuck with bringing a fainted (Name) in my hands. Bridal style.

I sensed a certain American and British would not be happy with this. Nope. This might as well be the last time I am going to see the world.

After placing her in the bunk bed successfully (and without Alfred and Arthur killing me), I flip the screen on my phone open to browse through the pictures Erika has taken. …Wait no. I flip the screen on my phone open to browse through the pictures Erika has taken. LIKE A PRO.

And that day, the historical picture was now my wallpaper.

~*~*~*~*END OF FLASHBACK*~*~*~*~

I chuckled inwardly when I remembered about the wallpaper. It was still my wallpaper until today. (Name) had looked really pretty that day and I regret absolutely nothing. Unless you count the hours of scolding by Arthur…Which in fact was horrendous as shit.

I leaned my head back, enjoying the cool breeze of the wind, softly tickling me. From afar, I could hear the bell of the school twinkling, indicating it was go home time for the students.

"Did I spend that much time reminiscing about the past?" I thought bitterly, sighing a little bit.

The soft thuds of a shoe stomping on the ground could be heard. It was rather loud actually. And out of nowhere, the one and only (Name) strolled over to the bench I was sitting in.

"Gilbert, you arschloch!! Why did you just skip the whole freaking day?!" (Name) yelled firmly, her hands shaped into fists and a not amused expression plastered on her face. Have I mentioned that her German accent turns me on a lot? No? Well there you go.

"Tsch, tsch frau. Were you worried of me?" I teased, wearing a smug smile.

"Ye— No I wasn't! Because of you, I had to rewrite the notes for today twice you idiot!" she half-yelled back, pouting slightly. She fished around her school bag and pulled out a notebook.

"You wrote it for me?"

"No, I wrote my secret, girly journal inside here and I wanted you to look at it. OF COURSE I DID."

"Ok, ok… Geez (Name). No need to get so angry."

"Ugh, you sometimes frustrate me Gil."

I stood up and pat her head. She looks up with a scarlet face, an agape mouth and both her hands holding the crown of her pretty little head. I smiled lovingly at her.

"Danke liebe. I owe you one"

"Uh…Let me guess Gil. You haven't studied at all for the exams next week." She mumbled timidly after regaining her composure.

"We have an exam?"

"A year-end exam you git."


"Hah…You're so hopeless Gil. Come on, I'll help you study." (Name) sighed.

"Danke (Name)! How can I ever repay you!"

"Bitte. There's no need to repay me."

I smiled softly at her even though she couldn't see it. (Name) is such a sweetheart. I shyly grabbed her warm hand and intertwine my fingers into hers. Thankfully (Name) didn't complain about it at all at our way to her house.

Is that a loving smile I see?

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*DAS ENDE*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*
Another oneshot that was stuck on my mind for such a long time. Prussia is such a fun character to write~ So flirty but then not in a jerk kind of way.

Anyways, this will be my last story I'll post for the next two weeks. I have an exam this upcoming Thursday and being the lazy ass I am, I haven't started studying at all. Yay.

So I bid you all adieu for now and see you in two weeks. ( I'll try to check this profile through my phone ;A; )


:iconsexyprussiaplz: belongs to :iconhimaruyaplz:
Reader-tan belongs to :iconsexyprussia2plz:
Erika (OC), Story and Plot belongs to :iconkanade-tan-karunyan: ~Kanade-tan-Karunyan
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i feel as though this was written by Gilbert himself. it was that good. very awesome!!!!! *cheesy thumbs up and grin*
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Waaaa!! Thanks for your wonderful compliments :iconasdfghplz: I'm very grateful and happy that you enjoyed the story : D
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Oh wow ! ! ! Thank you for the really, really kind compliment! :iconmoeblushplz:

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he's such a dork that we all love ok 

But other than me crying tears of happiness for such a sweet comment, I want to sincerely thank you for taking your time to read and comment on this fanfict uvu So you have my gratitudes dear reader~
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this is awesome. Just like Prussia/Gilbert himself.
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Thank you for the compliments dear reader~ :iconasdfghplz:
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